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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Why Does Creativity Matter?

Too often we have allowed the definition of art to be limited to Visual and Aural forms of artistic expression. But there is so much more than what we hear (Music) or see (Paintings, Sketches or Sculptures) or see and hear (Drama/Video.) We tend to allow these mediums to complete our definition of Art, however, God has placed artists throughout the church. Skilled people who enjoy what they do, are serving the body of Christ and seeking to inspire the church of God deeper into the mysteries of His Love and many attributes.

Inspiring art is found in:

Story telling

...and of course
Set design
Mixing Sound
Playing an Instrument

Consider how Handel dealt with Lord Kinnouls congratulations following the premier of "Messiah."

Lord Kinnoul: "I would like to congratulate you on an excellent evening of entertainment for the masses"

George Frideric Handel: "My Lord, I should be sorry if I only entertain them. I wish to make them better."

You tell him Handel!

Whatever your art, do it for the glory of God. Apply it for the betterment of His church. Don't sell yourself short; Your art is important. It's important to God and It's important to the church. Where would our faith be today without the Psalms? David was an artist. Where would our faith be without the Proverbs or Solomon's Temple? Solomon was an Artist.

Think of how you have been encouraged by a well conceived combination of the right words delivered at the right time into your life. Have you been inspired by Art?

One of the greatest saints of recent memory was Henri Nouwen. As a professor of phsicology at Harvard, he made a trip to St. Peters-burgh Russia and visited the famous Hermitage museum. He saw the painting of Rembrant's Prodigal Son and couldn't take his eyes off of it. For 3 hours he stared into the painting and changed his life. He went directly back home and resigned his position and Harvard and went to work with the mentally retarded in Toronto.


Has God used art to speak to you and inspire? Has art touched you so deeply in the spirit that it leads you to a transformation? God wants to change your life. Art is a medium He often uses to speak to His people. Are you being transformed? or are you being entertained? What are you looking for in art?

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