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Monday, December 05, 2011

40 is Beautiful

My wife had a birthday yesterday - the BIG one.  I gave her a hard time more than once throughout the day.  She was a good sport about it or rather, she endured it.  I was nice too, though.  I gave her presents and told her she was beautiful and a treasure.  Is it my fault she chose to go antiquing?  She set me up with so much great material!

Her version of 40 is not like I remember 40 being.  It seems younger, somehow.  Perhaps it's because she has always carried herself with an upright maturity.  She was a young grown-up when I met her.  I'm not saying she took herself too seriously, in fact she was and is quite silly.  The times we are silly together are some of our favorites.  She keeps life fun for all of us.  

For me, her 40th birthday is not a mark of her age, but a measure of the richness of years we have spent together.  I value her more today than when we first joined our lives.  In fact, her value to me is more than I could have ever imagined back then.  To me 40 is not a mark of her rising age, but of her increasing value.  I'm reminded of the line in one of our favorite movies - one of the few chick flicks I will admit to liking. 

Joe Fox is browsing through the old book section in the "Shop Around The Corner."  He asks George about a certain book there and George offers some information regarding the significance and age of the book and the following conversation is heard:

George Pappas: The, uh, illustrations are hand tipped.
Joe Fox: And that's why it costs so much?
George Pappas: No, that's why it's WORTH so much. 

(from You've Got Mail)

It's not the age alone that brings the value -  the book was a treasure to begin with, and as time has passed, it's kept it's value and even increased it's worth.  That's my wife at 40.  She is a masterpiece and wonderfully crafted to begin with.  This has not changed.  But the careful detailing and craftsmanship, evidence of the Masters hand on her life, has been polished by the years of her living out her purpose and loving the ones God has given to her.  She was created with a purpose.  A part of that purpose, I'm delighted to say, is to be my partner, friend and the treasure I happily serve.

Happy Birthday, Melanie.


Anonymous said...

What a very lucky young woman you are to have such a wonderful loving husband as you do in Alden, Melanie!!

Enjoyed reading this Alden and what a wonderful wife and family you have as well. You all are certainly blessed!

Susan said...

You certainly do have a "treasure in Heaven". God bless both of you with many wonderful years ahead. Happy Birthday Melanie - you, too, are blessed to have a loving husband......

Alden Schoeneberg said...

Thank you all for your comments. This was a joy to write and to share with Melanie first.

Susan said...

Just a quick note: since you are a "music guy" you might appreciate my last 2 posts. Scroll to the video first, then read the latest. The video is the one I told you about a while back - Andrea Bocelli. Enjoy! And have a wonderful weekend with your very young wife.