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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

60 minutes in an hour?

I was taught early in grade school that 60 seconds are in a minute, 60 minutes are in an hour and 24 hours are in a day. I'm starting to have my doubts about that math! This weekend an full hour just disappeared but it seems like a whole lot more than 60 minutes was lost.

I'm still trying to figure out why it is taking me 3+ days to catch up with the 1 hour of sleep I lost over the weekend. Haven't especially stayed up later than normal. In fact, by last weeks time clock, I'm going to bed an hour earlier each night. It's not adding up!

1 Hour missing over the weekend. Add back in the 20 minute name Sunday, plus a 45 minute nap yesterday. And by my calculations I've gone to bed 30 minutes earlier each night. That comes to an additional 125 minutes minus the 60 and I should be 65 minutes ahead! Why am I still tired? I'm still missing that 1hr.

Here is my theory--- I think the hours during sleep are longer than the hours we are awake! They must be. Because the hour we lose is supposedly the 1:00 or 2:00 o'clock hour. I theorize that if we set our clocks back on Saturday morning after we wake up, we would be much less tired because that hour on Saturday morning is truly only 60 minutes and the hour in the middle of the night is probably like, I don't know... I just know it's longer than 60, because my tired body is telling me so.

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