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Monday, May 02, 2011

The Day I Didn't Feel Your Prayers


No one prayed for me today. I’ve heard it said and said it myself – “I could feel your prayers.” But I didn’t feel anyone pray for me today. I walked through my day and so many things went wrong. I lost my keys in the morning and was late for work. Was anyone praying for me? I spilled my coffee in my car and ran out of napkins before I could clean it up. Someone please pray for me! Upon entering my office I was bombarded by messages and problems that I had to fix. Why won’t someone pray for me? Rushing back after lunch I slammed my breaks on but still rear-ended the car in front of me. I could really use some prayer!

Why won’t anybody pray for me? I’m a member of my church and they know me. Are they praying for me? My family raised me to follow Christ. Are they praying for me?

I ended my day on my knees and realized it was the first time today I had taken that position. Holy Spirit began to convict me that I had not prayed for anyone today. I had only been thinking of myself. Had I started the day in prayer and continued in a spirit of prayer throughout the day, perhaps I would have been less self absorbed. If I had been a person humbled to pray, Christ would have been my focus and not me. I realized then that the Bible says that Christ is interceding for each of us. That means, in a sense that He is praying for us. He had been praying for me throughout my troubled day.

From now on when I don’t “feel” the prayers of others on my behalf, I will stop and pray for others. I will remember that Jesus is interceding for me and he is watching me.


Dustin said...

That's some good stuff.

Alden Schoeneberg said...

Thanks man! I'm going to post another to this series later this week.

Kristi Thompson said...

Oh, if this doesn't speak directly to ME!

Alden Schoeneberg said...

And to all of us Kristi. I want to do better too. Thanks for the comment.